January 8, 2018

Maramures – The place where the time stood still

Maramures is a beautiful region that is located in Romania. It has magical forests, beautiful flowers and countless green hills. It is the place where Romanian traditions are preserved and the locals still wear the traditional Romanian clothes. Our good friend, Malik from PG Used Appliances just went and was

Maramures Maramures has plenty of cultural, natural and artisanal attractions. It is the big brother of Bucovina, another beautiful region that was separated from Maramures during the Second World War. This is the place where the ancestral crafts and traditions of the Romanians are well-preserved. The Maramures traditional clothes are unmistakable and the locals proudly wear them. If you’re going for a walk in Maramures you’ll be amazed to see the teenagers are still wearing traditional clothes instead of the common brand clothes.

The richest season in Maramures is the autumn. The freshly grapes are harvested and turned into a sweet grape juice and then into one of the most flavored wines in the country. In Maramures you can also taste their signature beverage, Horinca. The foreign tourists fall in love with the fruity flavored Horinca. The people in this area are the friendliest hosts you will ever meet and they will welcome you into their houses with a warmth that’s specific to Romanians. The tables are rich and tasty and if you ever sit at a table in a traditional Maramures home you’ll have a hard time deciding what to eat first.

The Maramures people are happy people and they have found a funny way to express it. Here, in Sapanta you can find a unique cemetery. The Happy Cemetery is a colorful cemetery where the Maramures people buried their dead. The funeral monuments are wooden carved, colorful and there are funny poems that describe the life of the person resting there. This cemetery is not a place to cry and be sad but rather a place of a serene acceptance of the lost loved ones. The Maramures people are very religious, like most of the Romanians and you should totally make time to visit the beautiful wooden churches from Maramures. These are places where history meets religion since many of them were built by Romanian leaders after they have won a war as a symbol of their faith in God. Close to the cemetery there’s the big city Sighetu Marmatiei a city where you can visit the Memorial Museum of the Victims of the Communism and the Ethnographic Museum of Maramures.

The Mocanita train is one of the oldest steam trains in Europe. This beautiful train that crosses the Carpathian mountains offers the tourists the chance of seeing wild nature that hasn’t been touched by human hands yet.  This train is one of the few steam trains in the world that are still working.

In conclusion, the Maramures region, the green treasure of Romania, is a perfect place for a holiday and it is one of the few regions of the country where traditional habits are still respected. There are many tourist attractions in this region, the landscapes are breathtaking and the food is tasty. It is one of the most beautiful regions in Eastern Europe and it attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year.…